School Sports Premium

In the guidance from AfPE around evidencing the use of School Sports Premium it is suggested that schools will see an improvement in five key indicators. Some of these we can currently deliver and others will be an aim within the next 6 months.

1. The engagement in all pupils in regular physical activity. With a range of activities being offered and coaches who care about all children in every lesson, we can help even those pupils who do not enjoy sport to become engaged. Our lessons are inclusive and enjoyable for all not just those who may have experienced each sport before.

2. The profile of PE and sport being raised across the school as a tool for whole school improvement. We can help the school link physical education lessons, to the rest of the curriculum. Due to our time and care in planning and helping each staff member develop we aim to be a link from classroom to sports setting.

3. Increased Knowledge, confidence, and skills of all staff teaching PE and Sport. This is a huge area of passion for the directors of the company and a chance for Paces to develop all teachers in their delivery of physical education. We aim to deliver high level physical education lessons alongside the class teacher. Coach led delivery, Teacher led delivery and co-delivery throughout our period of work together is a sure way to enhance the skills of current staff members.

4. Broader range of sports – Paces will employ staff to come and deliver in a range of activities so that every child in your school can find a sport they enjoy. All coaches will be trained to deliver to our high standards. If there is a sport you wish to try in your school let us know and we will source and train a coach to deliver.

5. Increased participation in competitive sports in all children. This is one of our big passions, as research has been found that children are 140% more likely to carry playing a sport if they have taken part in a competition. We can offer both intra and inter school competitions.

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